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Published on May 27, 2017
Southern California Regional Championship

Bringing together top middle school debaters from across Southern California, the Orange County Debate League (OCDL) hosted the Southern California Regional Championship May 27. The Regional Championship was the final of a series of debate tournaments held at Buena Park... Continue Reading

Upcoming Events


on 9/23 at Buena Park Junior High

Debaters and coaches arrive at 7:45AM
Judges and volunteers arrive at 8:00AM

Workshop Topics

Please see the workshop page for more information.

Student Accomplishments

OCDL Debaters at Tournament of Champions

OCDL debaters past and present qualify at the first annual Tournament of Champions Middle School Division at Lexington, Kentucky.

Brookhurst Takes 1st Place Tournament Award

Brookhurst NRT goes undefeated at the December Holiday tournament, winning them the 1st Place Tournament Award for highest percentage of wins.

Buena Park Places Across the Board

Buena Park Junior High gains numerous awards for individual teams and overall school.

Golden Gavel Winners

Brandon Pae - 5/6/2017 (Championship)
Kathy Chun - 3/18/2017
Jonathan Alterman - 1/28/2017
Hitakshi Savdharia - 12/3/2016
Isabella Cote - 10/22/2016 (Scramble)
Chirag Singh - 5/7/2016 (Championship)
Ishika Sachdeva - 4/16/2016 (MSPDP)
Sasha Ronaghi - 3/13/2016 (Orange)
Sierra Green - 3/13/2016 (Blue)
Matthew Ong - 2/6/2016 (Orange)
Sierra Green - 2/6/2016 (Blue)
Olivia Bobrownicki - 12/13/2015 (Orange)
Chirag Singh - 12/13/2015 (Blue)

Top Teams

Southwest Regional Championship

1. (IVSM DHP) Donez, Hughson & Pino
2. (RCPT KGM) Kim, Grane & Miller
3. (OCPG MAC) Matveyenko, Aimone & Cote
4. (GSCM HHT) Hunt, Hormazdiari & Topping
5. (GSOK SKF) Sugerman, Kassulke & FlacketLevin
6. (OCPG LSA) LavacudeCola, Sherlock & Alterman
7. (GSCL LSP) Lake, Schwartz & Pugh
8. (IVSJ LBL) Lee, Byrne & Lagrimas
9. (LACB PSK) Pollard, SchmitterEmmerson & Kang
10. (PCNR BWM) Baez, Wasson & Melaku

Top Speakers

Southwest Regional Championship

1. David E (LACB SLE)
2. Maya M (RCPT KGM)
3. Taylor P (GSCL LSP)
4. Trey T (GSCM HHT)
5. Julieta G (RCPT KGM)
6. Bella C (OCPG MAC)
7. Jared A (OCPG MAC)
8. Matty S (GSCL LSP)
9. Nathan L (LACB SLE)
10. Sarah P (IVSM DHP)